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How BlueHalo Works

Introduction to BlueHalo

This short introductory video provides key insights into what BlueHalo offers and how we work with customers to offset carbon emissions.

Getting started has never been easier

Once BlueHalo has been activated your journey to a greener, more sustainable
future through carbon offsetting will begin.



the emissions generated by travel, freight and/ or energy usage 



these emissions against a chosen portfolio of carbon offset projects 



on your offsetting history and the impact you are making



the impact of your offsets to staff by harnessing our marketing insights and tools



your organisation’s achievements to your stakeholders, customers, and partners



“We recognise that airlines have a responsibility to cut emissions and combat climate change. We want to do more, and faster.”

Alan Joyce, CEO



“Our customers now have an opportunity to offset their emissions through accredited projects that provide clear benefits to people and the planet.”

Ms Lee Wen Fen
Senior Vice President Corporate Planning

Singapore Airlines


“When choosing a carbon offset partner, we examined the sophistication of the BlueHalo offset technology and the integrity of the offset projects to ensure a premium offset experience that makes real impact.”

David Galt, CEO



"BlueHalo allowed us to easily integrate, and display verified CO2 emissions without having to worry about managing complex back-end calculations. With the help of BlueHalo we have been able to join a select group of Climate Active businesses, a government body that exists to ensure we are doing everything we can to offset and reduce our emissions."

Allan Bonifacio, Executive Manager



BlueHalo is Climate Action Technology.

BlueHalo was founded by Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) to become the most rigorous, trustworthy, climate action technology on the planet.

Established in 2014 and entrusted by major blue-chip brands across Asia Pacific, TEM connects organisations with impactful environmental projects. TEM founders have deep insights into global carbon markets and are active across the carbon spectrum, from carbon origination, to procurement, risk management and marketing insights, for both compliance and voluntary carbon markets.


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