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“Aviation is a crucial industry, especially in a country the size of Australia. Having a clear plan to decarbonise Qantas and Jetstar so we can keep delivering these services in the decades ahead is absolutely key to our future.”

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

BlueHalo is on a mission to accelerate the world’s journey to carbon balance. With our end-to-end carbon management software solution, individuals and businesses can make an extraordinary impact for our people and planet.

Close the loop on carbon. Put sustainability at the top of the agenda with our easy-to-implement digital solution. BlueHalo offsetting seamlessly integrates into proprietary or third-party software using our sophisticated APIs.

Here are a few of the global partners who trust us to make a difference.
You can too.


Become the travel provider of choice...

...not just because you offer the greatest number of services at competitive prices, but because you enable a greener future.

As a point of sale solution, BlueHalo helps your customers offset their travel. All offsetting costs are charged directly to the customer, but you gain the insights and can leverage that data in promoting your own sustainability goals while supporting specific projects focused on biodiversity, sustainable energy and reforestation projects.

BlueHalo is a seamless point-of-sale climate impact solution that’s backed by Tasman Environmental Market’s (TEM) data-driven smarts, verified carbon offset portfolio options, and carbon management expertise.

BlueHalo has done all of the heavy lifting. Our APl-driven software calculates the most carbon efficient solutions for your customers to offset their environmental impact - at the point of sale.

Once integrated into your software, BlueHalo calculates the offset price so customers can pay at checkout to offset their travel itinerary. Drawn from deep data sources, this is the power of BlueHalo.

Why BlueHalo?

It starts with rigour - our climate action technology is effortless to use and is backed by our depth and expertise in carbon markets.

Flexible configuration
Rigorous emissions calculation
Easy, secure API integration
Transformational offset portfolios
Detailed impact reporting

Configurations to suit your needs

Select from dozens of emissions calculation methods to align with your sustainability strategy and industry.

Choose from a range of offset projects to find the best synergy for your business.


Configurations to suit your needs


Select from dozens of emissions calculation methods to align with your sustainability strategy and industry.

Choose from a range of offset projects to find the best synergy for your business.

Calculations that you can rely on


Incredible impact is created with credible data.

BlueHalo's emissions calculation library covers established and emerging global standards, is defendable and constantly updated.

Seamless integration your way


BlueHalo is a cloud-based, API-driven, SaaS solution that easily integrates into the customer/user booking path without interruption, or can be utilised post-booking via batch upload.

Projects that protect our future


BlueHalo carbon offsets rebalance the carbon ledger and make an extraordinary impact on people and planet for generations to come.

We verify, review, audit and authenticate projects for transparency.

Visualise and analyse the bigger picture


BlueHalo’s real-time reporting platform ensures you can see the carbon impact of your operations, and the impact BlueHalo offsets are making to your carbon footprint.  Share insights with employees, customers and external stakeholders.

Travel offers a clear path to reducing carbon impact, we just need to help people make those decisions as easy as possible.

As companies and individuals become increasingly aware of their role in supporting climate change, they need to know: what options are available to them, how they can easily make decisions based on factual, live data, and how easy it is to reduce their carbon footprint in just a few clicks.

Minimal effort for maximum impact.

Who has offset 8+ million of these to date?

Tasman Environmental Markets, creator of BlueHalo technology


This four-storey
sphere represents
1 metric tonne of CO2.

End-to-end, this amount of carbon dioxide would run twice around the world!
Join us on our quest to make this 100x more…

BlueHalo is Climate Action Technology.

BlueHalo was founded by Tasman Environmental Markets [TEM] to become the most rigorous, trustworthy, climate action technology on the planet.

Established in 2014 and entrusted by major blue-chip brands across the globe, TEM connects organisations with impactful environmental projects. TEM founders have deep insights into global carbon markets and are active across the carbon spectrum, from carbon origination, to procurement, risk management and marketing insights, for both compliance and voluntary carbon markets.


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